Land, Construction and Development

Commercial real estate development depends on contracts, a long-series of them.  In a sense, the paper on which contracts, leases and mortgages are printed is as important to commercial development as concrete, steel, and bricks.  Commercial developers must negotiate many contracts to make a project work, and they need lawyers to lead the way in the drafting and negotiation process. 

As lawyers for real estate developers, we negotiate contracts and other documents with

1. landowners to purchase the land and launch the process;

2. surveyors to verify the boundaries of the land to be purchased, to locate any buildings or other visible improvements currently on the land; to learn whether any adjoining owner’s buildings or other improvements encroach on the land; and to illustrate the topographical features of the land;

3. site investigation contractors for subsurface exploration to test the soil, analyze the soil and subsurface water, and provide date for further evaluation;

4. engineers and landscape architects to evaluate data provided by site investigation contractors, to provide guidance on layout and construction of buildings and other improvements, and to estimate the cost of land improvement;

5. architects to design the buildings; 

6. construction contractors and construction managers to get the buildings built; and

7. construction lenders to fund the construction process.

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